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Wireless Routers
Welcome to our routers section where you can purchase our different range of our router products.


Tenda Wifi Router AC10 Dual-Band 2.4GHz 1167Mbps WiFi


TP-LINK - Ac1900 5G Dual Band Gigabit Wireless TL-WDR7680


TP-LINK - Ax5400 Dual Band Wireless Router TL-XDR5430


TP-LINK - 450M Wireless Router TL-WR886N


TP-LINK - Ac1900 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router TL-WDR7660


TP-LINK - AC1200 Dual-Band 5G Wireless Router TL-WDR5620


TP-LINK - Router Ac1200 Dual Band 5G Wireless TL-WDR5610


TP-LINK - Wireless Router TL-WR940N 450Mbps


Huawei - WS5200 WI-FI Dual-Band Router


TP-LINK - Router Ax1800 Mesh 6 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router TL-XDR1860


TP-LINK - Router Mesh Ac1900 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless TL-WDR7651


TP-LINK - Router Ac2600 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless TL-WDR8660


Buy Wireless Routers Online UK


In this modern era, technology is a boon which is bestowed on us. Technology has become such an integral part of our life that we cannot even imagine our day to day life without computers or mobile phones. The world has been revolutionized with digitalization which have changed the way of our thinking and operation. Internet is the vital part of technology and to avail its amazing facility, a chain of network is the necessity. The poor internet speed in some remote areas stop you from enjoying the super-fast internet speed and its benefits. For better connectivity, the need for having a quality WiFi router is essential.

Installation of WiFi routers are easy and it can provide you with instant improvement in WiFi coverage throughout your area by providing lightning fast connection speed.  That sounds so good, right? We at High Tech Computers can bring the fibre speeds to you where the copper services can't.  Buy wireless routers online in UK from us to count on a solid and reliable service at your premise

We understand how frustrating you may feel when your online meeting freezes in between a very important discussion or sometimes when you need to meet your deadline and you are stuck because your internet speed is not allowing you to download your important file. Moreover after a long tiring day at office, when you sought to have some entertainment and your slow internet stops you from enjoying the important next episode on your Netflix box set binge!  We totally understand how bad that is and so we’re here to help you come out of the slow lane and introduce you to wireless routers solutions that can deliver speeds you desire. Stop your struggles with poor speeds and buy wireless routers online in UK. We believe in ensuring a fast, reliable and stable connection with our high quality wireless routers that can pull the tiniest bit of signal from the waves in the air and then convert them into fast reliable internet straight to your home or work area.

You can also buy the powerful wireless dual band routers from us that can provide you the most demanding on-the-go connectivity requirements, with 5G support along with maximum flexibility to tailor configurations as per your need.

For uninterrupted, high-performance connectivity and the power of choice, choose high tech computers.


The Modern Wireless Technology Provides Countless Benefits.

Powerful & Rugged Design

Our routers are designed to meet your on-the-go connectivity requirements. If you buy wireless routers online in UK, you can enjoy its high-capacity connectivity and experience the uninterrupted application performance.


Convenience of Usage

The main objective of technology is to make our lives run smoothly and easily and this job has been done by the routers by diminishing the need for bundle of wires. The trouble associated with the mess of handling a number of cables is now addressed by the wireless routers.

New Technology In Place

As wired connections is annoying to handle, its soon going to get obsolete. The world is witnessing the fast pace of advancement and is using radio waves technology extensively to provide uninterrupted internet connection where no one would like to stick to the conventional wired connection.


As name suggests, wireless routers are known for their portability and high mobility. If you buy wireless routers online in UK, you can carry your work along with you, while you are on the move. Mobility during work is restricted with inconvenient cable connection. 

Multiple Connections At A Time

The number of connections with wired connection have some boundary as it allows you to connect only one device at a time. If you wish to use more than one device, extra wires and equipment will cost you some extra penny which further adds to your inconvenience. Wireless routers is your saviour in this scenario. Multiple connections with wireless routers is just too easy where multiple devices having distinctive IP address can be connected with the router.

Whether you choose single routers or buy wireless dual band routers model to handle an entire family’s streaming and gaming needs, we've got that all for you! Our routers make use of the highest potential of current communication technology, and offers you high levels of efficiency in their operation by ensuring affordable routers without sacrificing its performance.

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