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VR Headsets

Welcome to our VR Headsets section where you can purchase our different range of our VR Headset products.



VR SHINECON 3D Smart Glasses VR Headset


VR Shinecon Gaming VR Headset


Samsung Gear VR 4.0 3D Headset


Samsung Gear VR 4.0 3D Headset


Samsung Gear - VR 4.0 Headset


Samsung VR 5.0 3D Headset with built in Gyro Sens


Samsung Gear VR 4.0 3D With Controller


SAMSUNG - VR 5.0 Headset with Remote Controller


Samsung 5.0 VR Headset


Samsung - Gyro Sensor VR Headset


Samsung VR Headset With Bluetooth Controller


BNEXT VR Headset


VR Shinecon -VR Headset with Headphones


Misisi VR Headset with Remote Controller 3D Glasses


VR SHINECON - VR Virtual Reality 3D Headset


VR SHINECON G06E Mini VR Headset 3D G 06E

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Out of stock


Buy VR Headsets Online UK

If you are a game lover, then VR headset is not a new term for you. Commonly known as a Virtual Reality Headset, it is a head-worn apparatus that covers the eyes of users for offering engaging 3D experience. So, buy VR Headsets online in the UK from High Tech Computers, a leading company that deals in branded VR headsets, and gain unforgettable playing experience.

The VR headsets or “VR Goggles” offer highly engaging gaming experience to users. It is not wrong to say that they may remain hooked to their gaming console for hours and hours by wearing VR Headsets. These headsets have extensive applications in other fields also besides entertainment. For instance, VR headset is a must-to-have accessory for medical students as it helps in enhancing their skills. The students use these headsets while practicing surgeries on virtual patients. Then, they are used for stimulation and many other purposes also. So, if you want to buy VR Headsets online in the UK, High Tech Computer feels the pride to help you.

Buy VR Headsets Online

Mostly designed for entertainment purposes, users can choose the VR headsets based on his requirements and price bands. At our leading online platform, you will find myriad ranges and brands of VR headsets meeting your specific needs. Some of the brands in which we deal are Samsung and Shinecon. We maintain different models of VR Headsets of both these and many other brands that are lightweight, durable and compatible with gaming consoles, smartphones and televisions used in homes and offices. So, check out our VR headsets collection, shortlist the model meeting your requirement and make your purchase today.

How High Tech Computers Help you?

With a huge range of headsets available in the marketplace, many people find it extremely difficult to choose and buy VR headsets online in the UK. This is where you can bank upon our services. We take pride in helping our customers by understanding their unique requirements and assisting them in finding the best product. We even help them in case they are unable to find any VR headsets in their budgets. Believe us, our products are not only high-quality but affordable also as compared to other online platforms.

Some other benefits of purchasing VR headsets from our trustworthy platform are as follows:

1.  We offer branded models with great warranty.

2.  VR Headsets are available in both wireless and wired designs for serious PC gamers to offer wholesome VR experience.

3.  We accept payments from multiple options.

4.  Our payment portal is 100 % safe and secure.

5.   We are committed to offer the best after-sales service.

6.  Our replacement and exchange process is hassle-free.

7.   We offer guaranteed and fast doorstep delivery with a tracking feature.

8.   We update our VR headset collection on a regular basis, so chances are high that you will find your favorite piece.


So, contact us today if you have any query or are unable to find your favorite VR headset model in our collection. We will come with a feasible solution as soon as possible.

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