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Laptop Battery Replacement for HP Pavilion
  • Laptop Battery Replacement for HP Pavilion

    SKU: ‎B098PXLV6W

    About this item

    • Specifications: Voltage:14.8V;Capacity:2200mAh/33Wh ;Battery Type:Li-ion.
    • Compatibility: HP Pavilion 14-AB000: 14-AB011TX, 14-AB012TX, 14-AB013TX, 14-AB005TU, 14-AB006TU, 14-AB158TX, Pavilion 15-AB000: 15-AB038TX, 15-AB024NE, 15-AB072TX, 15-AB039TX, 15-AB037TX, 15-AB010AX, 15-AB038TU, 15-AB018TU, 15-AB017TU, 15-AB016TU, 15-AB036TX, 15-AB150SA, 15-AB219TX, 15-AB292NR, 15-AK001TX,15-AN050NR,15-AN051DX, 15-AB155SA , 15-AK000NA , 15-AK002NA Pavilion 17-G000: 17-G001NA, 17-G002NA, 17-G008NA, 17-G010NA, 17-G011NA , 17-G015NA , 17-G119DX , 17-G121WM , 17-G100 , 17T-G100
    • P/N: KI04 K104 KI04041 KI04041-CL TPN-Q158 TPN-Q159 TPN-Q160 TPN-Q161 TPN-Q162 HSTNN-DB6T HSTNN-LB6R HSTNN-LB6S HSTNN-LB6T N2L84AA 800009-121 800009-221 800009-241 800009-251 800009-421 800009-541 800010-421 800049-001 800049-005 800050-001

    HP Pavilion Series: 14-AB000~14-AB099, 15-AB000~15-AB099,15-AG000~15-AG099, 17-G000~17-G099 Series

    HP Pavilion 14-AB 14T-AB :14-AB011TX, 14-AB012TX,14-AB013TX, 14-AB005TU, 14-AB006TU, 14-AB158TX, 14-AB159TX, 14-AB011TX,14-AB012T,X 14-AB013TX, 14-AB005TU, 14-AB006TU

    HP Pavilion 15-AB Series: 15-AB038TX, 15-AB024NE,15-AB072TX, 15-AB039TX, 15-AB037TX, 15-AB010AX, 15-AB038TU, 15-AB018TU,15-AB017TU, 15-AB016TU, 15-AB036TX, 15-AB291TX, 15-AB292TX, 15-AB297TX,15-AB525TX, 15-AB036TX, 15-AB068TX, 15-AB069TX, 15-AB093TX, 15-AB006TX,15-AB065TX, 15-AB005TX, 15-AB524TX, 15-AB251NW, 15-AB254TU, 15-AB269NA, 15-AB269SA,15-AB270SA, 15-AB270TX, 15-AB271NW, 15-AB271SA, 15-AB277NW, 15-AB000, 15-AB100,15-AB200, 15-AB500, 15-AB000, 15-AB100, 15-AB200, 15-AB500, 15-AB000AU

    HP Pavilion 15-AK Series: 15-AK001TX, 15-AK002TX,15-AK003TX, 15-AK004TX, 15-AK030TX, 15-AK085SA, 15-AB076TX, 15-AK000,15-AK100NE

    HP Pavilion 15-AN Series: 15-AN001TX, 15-AN001LA,15-AN002TX, 15-AN003TX, 15-AN004TX, 15-AN005TX,15-AN006TX, 15-AN007TX,15-AN008TX, 15-AN009TX, 15-AN010TX

    HP Pavilion 15T-AB 15Z-AB: 15T-AB000, 15T-AB100, 15T-AK000,15T-AB00015Z-AB00, 15Z-AB100

    HP Pavilion 17-G Series: 17-G000,17-G000NA, 17-G000NF, 17-G000NK, 17-G000UR, 17-G001NA, 17-G001NF, 17-G002NA,17-G002ND, 17-G002NK, 17-G002NO, 17-G002NS, 17-G003NG, 17-G003NK, 17-G003UR,17-G004NK, 17-G020NR, 17-G020NZ, 17-G020UR, 17-G021NF, 17-G021UR, 17-G022UR,17-G023NG, 17-G024ND, 17-G024NG, 17-G024UR, 17-G025DS, 17-G025ND, 17-G026DS,17-G026NA

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