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Popular PC Games You Have to Try Right Now

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Having the right setup for your PC allows you to try out all the most popular PC games on the market right now.

Playing PC gaming opens up worlds to explore without having to leave your house. Getting the best experience means building a custom PC to match your gaming needs. New graphics cards, monitors, and other facets of your gaming setup will allow you to immerse yourself in the journeys that you love best. Here are some of the top PC games of 2021.

Hitman 3

In this last instalment of the rebooted trilogy, players are introduced to six new maps and are able to reach the epic conclusion of the story that started in 2016. The new maps take the player all over the world to places like Dubai, England, and China to complete their missions.

As a secret hitman agent, your goal is to move quietly and eliminate targets without getting caught instead of barging into a room of bad guys in a lot of other games. You can play maps multiple times to find a variety of story paths to find endless fun.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Even though this game is a couple of years old, it is still one of the best games on the market. It is beautiful and expansive so you never run out of things to do. You will never get bored of this game which is why it still makes the list today.


This post-apocalyptic game transports you into a dystopian world of violence and constant motion. You have to travel through a fictional world in order to seek revenge by killing enemies and dodging bullets along the way.

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