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BTMKS Laptop Replacement JD25G 90V7W For Dell XPS
  • BTMKS Laptop Replacement JD25G 90V7W For Dell XPS


    About this item

    • 【Battery Type】: 4-cell; Capacity: 52WH; Voltage:7.4V
    • 【Quality Assurance】: The grade A Li-polymer cells ensure long battery life and high durability. Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
    • 【Compatible Model】: Dell XPS 13 9343 9350 P54G JD25G, 90V7W 13-9350-D3708G, 13-9350-D4708, 13D-9343-1808T, 13D-9343-3508 Series Battery.
    • 【Perfect Service】: Try our best to promise you an enjoyable shopping experience. Please check if this battery is compatible with your original part number before purchasing.
    • 【Safety First】: Our batteries are CE-/FCC-/RoHS certified for safety. Smart control system provides effective protection against overloading and overheating.

    Condition: 100% New
    Voltage: 7.4V
    Capacity: 52WH
    Item Color: Black

    Compatible Part Number:
    For DELL:
    JD25G, JHXPY, RWTIR, 0N7T6, 0DRRP, 5K9CP, 90V7W, DIN02

    Compatible Laptop Models:
    Dell XPS 13 series 9350
    13-9350-D1508, 13-9350-D1508G, 13-9350-D1608, 13-9350-D1608T, 13-9350-D1609, 13-9350-D1708, 13-9350-D1708A, 13-9350-D1708G, 13-9350-D1808T, 13-9350-D1808TG, 13-9350-D2508, 13-9350-D2608T, 13-9350-D2708, 13-9350-D2708A, 13-9350-D2808T, 13-9350-D2808TG, 13-9350-D3608G, 13-9350-D3708, 13-9350-D3708G, 13-9350-D3808T, 13-9350-D3808TG, 13-9350-D4505, 13-9350-D4508, 13-9350-D4708, 13-9350-D4708G;
    Dell XPS 13D series
    13D-9343, 13D-9343-150, 13D-9343-1508, 13D-9343-160, 13D-9343-1608T, 13D-9343-170, 13D-9343-1708, 13D-9343-180, 13D-9343-1808T, 13D-9343-350, 13D-9343-3508, 13D-9343-370, 13D-9343-3708, 13D-9343-3708A, 13D-9343-5508, 13D-9343-5708, 13D-9343-1608T, 13D-9343-1708, 13D-9343-1808T, 13D-9343-3508, 13D-9343-3708, 13D-9343-3708A, 13D-9343-5508, 13D-9343-5508G, 13D-9343-5608T, 13D-9343-5708, 13D-9343-5808T Series Batter

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